Fuse SMA BatFuse-B.01 (for SI 5048)

Fuse SMA BatFuse-B.01 (for SI 5048)

2-pole NH 1 battery fuse switch disconnector for one Sunny Island or Sunny Backup, 3 DC input ports (1x battery and 2x Sunny Island Chargers), 1x auxiliary voltage output with 8A

Dimension :

530 x 360 x 270 mm

Weight :

9.00 kg


The SI-Batfuse.01 and SI-Batfuse.03 battery cases serve to protect the battery cables, to enable easier maintenance of stand-alone grid systems, and to simplify the installation process. The SI-Batfuse.01 enables the connection of one stand-alone grid inverter, while the SI-Batfuse.03 can be connected to up to three stand-alone grid inverters.


Article No. 105.852

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